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Water-HCI logo:

Our logo explained:

About our sine-over-square logo (1998 version):

One of the 22 letters in the world’s oldest alphabet (invented about 5000 years ago) was a wavy line meaning β€œwater”, derived from the even older Egyptian "water ripple" hieroglyph.Β  We promote water-first thinking by prioritizing water over the digital world, while also putting these two worlds together.Β  Thus rather than say "Internet of Water" let’s say "Water of Internet", or, even better, "Water over Internet".

The human is symbolized by a circle (the head, mind, brain) and a square (the body).

The water's wave (sinewave) is a projection upon the circle: "mind over water". Sinewaves (sine and cosine) arise from circular motion, i.e. the parametric equation of a circle is x=cosine(t), y=sine(t).

The human body as a machine, is likewise associated with the square (digital) wave. The digital (square) wave symbolizes digital technology, computing, computation, cyberspace, big data, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Internet-based computing, etc..

Text-version of the logo:

β—‹ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~γ€°γ€°γ€°γ€°γ€°γ€°γ€°γ€°γ€°οΈγ€°οΈγ€°οΈγ€°οΈγ€°οΈγ€°οΈγ€°οΈγ€°οΈγ€œγ€œγ€œγ€œγ€œγ€œγ€œγ€œβˆΏβˆΏβˆΏβˆΏβˆΏβˆΏβˆΏβˆΏβˆΏβˆΏβˆΏβˆΏβˆΏβˆΏβˆΏβˆΏ
β–‘ ⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍⎍

3D version of the logo:

Our logo in 3D is both an artistic and scientific creation. The 3D version of our logo consists of a complex-valued exponential function in 3D above the mathematical α›—βˆž function also shown in 3D, both as plots of real versus imaginary (Argand plane, i.e. the complex plane) versus time or space:

and here is the Octave script to generate it (link).

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